Today, the Intellectual Property Committee receives income from one licence agreement based on a patent belonging to Sveinbjörn Gizurarson, Professor at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, on a new absorption enhancing agent suitable for mucosal administration, e.g. intranasal. 2013, the pharmaceutical company Upsher-Smith began phase III clinical trials in 10 countries on an antiepileptic based on Sveinbjörn's patent. The drug is administered to patients suffering from serial epileptic seizures, using a nasal spray rather than an injectable solution. Sveinbjörn's invention is currently being considered with regards to other drugs. 

Dr Halldór Þormar and his colleagues Hilmar Hilmarsson and Guðmundur Bergsson developed a technique for producing a water-miscible monacaprin emulsion which kills bacteria that cause infections in humans, e.g. listeria, campylobacter, salmonella, staphylococcus and coliform bacteria. The technique is protected by a European patent. Monocaprin is a natural antimicrobial lipid, produced in particular from coconut oil. All components of the emulsion have E-numbers and are recognised as additives for processed food, such as smoked salmon. Permission has been sought from the European Commission to use the emulsion in unprocessed meat.  

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