For Industries

The University of Iceland and Landspítali University Hospital emphasise collaboration with research institutes, universities, companies and cultural institutions, e.g. in order to share human resources, research facilities, premises and technical equipment.
The institutions also wish to use research systematically in the interests of innovation and entrepreneurial and development work.

The Intellectual Property Committee is required to seek ways to transfer technology from the research of staff/students for the benefit of society. This may be done through the sale of intellectual property, as overseen by the Intellectual Property Committee, or licencing. In some cases, however, it may be preferable to found a company or establish a collaborative project with a company, individual or university possessing the specialist knowledge and resources necessary for transferring the technology.

The Intellectual Property Committee works on projects that could create technical transfer opportunities for companies and investment, as well as initiating the founding of start-up companies, which create other opportunities worth investigating.

Please contact Ólöf Vigdís Ragnarsdóttir, innovation manager, if you are interested in looking into cooperating with the Intellectual Property Committee on the transfer of technology from research at the University of Iceland or Landspítali University Hospital.

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