Who can contact the Intellectual Property Committee (IP Committee)?
All staff and doctoral students at the University of Iceland and the Landspítali University Hospital.

Why contacting the IP Committee?

If you have an invention or research results which you think might be patentable or possible to apply in a practical way, in accordance with the Act on respecting employees' inventions, you are required to disclose it to the IP Committee. All staff and doctoral students at the University and Landspítali University Hospital may also contact the IP Committee to receive various assistance concerning the transfer of other research results and knowledge. 

When do I disclose the IP Committee of my research results?

The IP Committee must be informed of inventions or research results before they are made public, whether through a presentation or lecture, or written publication. For an invention to be patented it must not have been published anywhere in the world.

What happens after the disclosure to the IP Committee?

The first step is to evaluate the research results (invention) with regards to whether it is worth applying for a patent and whether technology transfer is a viable option for the institutions and the individual in question. If conclusions are positive and the IP Committee decides to transfer the invention/innovation, a contract is drawn up with the individual in question on the financial rights involved in transfer of intellectual property. If the decision is taken to apply for a patent, the committee will finance the work involved. The IP Committee will investigate whether it is possible to transfer the invention by issuing a licence or selling the intellectual property, and will contact appropriate parties and specialists in this regard. If the decision is taken to found a company, the institutions' shares in the company will be negotiated and then assistance will be provided in founding the company.

What do I get for my part in the invention?

The general rule for dividing the profits of the transfer of an invention is:
a) Staff member(s) - 35%
b) Staff member's research work - 10%
c) Staff member's working unit - 10%
d) UI and LANDSPÍTALI UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL - 45%, part of which is allocated to the IP Committee as determined by the rector of UI or the chief executive of LANDSPÍTALI UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL, as applicable.
However, the IP Committee may take other factors into consideration when determining the division of profits, e.g., different parties' contribution to the invention or how the work (facilities, appliances, equipment, labour) has been funded.

Who evaluates inventions sent to the Intellectual Property Committee?

The committee evaluates inventions and ideas with the assistance of appropriate specialists from within or outside of the institutions. Care is taken to ensure that those who are asked to perform the evaluation treat information as confidential, have sufficient knowledge of the area in question, but at the same time are not directly connected to the research or the relevant party. If a survey is conducted on an innovation or a potential market, the services of companies or cooperating partners specialising in such surveys are generally used.

Further information can be found in the operational rules of the Intellectual Property Committee.

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